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Her gentleness disappears underneath
.... a choir of grief,
she is ugly again and knows she must leave
for hope of relief.

and she calls to the tallest trees
ancient sentiments wash through these leaves
come home, come home to me

cos i miss you my love, I miss myself too,
the woman I became when I was around you ,
beautiful and safe for moments of steel,
impeccable love no money could steal and she calls.....

mm memory with rooms full of pearls,
refractions of potential perfect world
where love roams free and unabashed
where none are afraid and sight wasn’t dashed
and she calls



the water’s pinking up with the ink in your veins
air bubble now is creeping closer to your brain
the water in the vase simulated the soil
but you’ve been disconnected now for so long
although you think she’s loyal

all your conclusions and all your truth's
are all delusions and TV spoofs
shame that those histories that you wrote
were one sided and presumptuous

justifying and holding on to something that is just not real
are you punishing the rest of us
because you forgot how to feel
living in a mechanical world in an organic time,
where war is an old question to a new answer
you just can‘t seem to define

nope you can’t get your head around it.

all your conclusions and all your truths
are all delusions and tv spoof
shame you weren't watching closer as a child
cos all the lies have gone unnoticed


In the desert by myself i can
find the goodness in you again,
when the wind conducts an orchestra,
creosote, sand and juniper,
while Mrs. jones worries about
what Mrs. smith will think tomorrow,
while Mrs. smith worries about the same,
and how much she might borrow,

liberate liberate liberate
songs you can hear in the bardo
liberate liberate liberate
songs you can hear in the bar

Lack of ceiling was something I sought
to meet you beyond fallible
so the sky and I we schemed and thought
but one of us was too gullible
an’ all the tv’s around the world,
broke out in unison, you’ve used us wrong
gone on too long
organized, got our own union

liberate ...... we are, well it’s so nice to see you again, it’s been so long and I don’t even remember when or how we lost touch
what was so important then don’t mean that much,
nah don’t mean that much, don’t mean anything at all.




...if we were splinters of god it would be natural,
then, for the mind to explore and grow like bronchioles,
it could also be said that if you listen between the spaces
that the possible directions we could choose
are infinitely less restricted, than we thought before.

old friend old friend,
can I walk on?
or will I attach myself to you? I always seem to.
with these stories that I cling to
when the past is never real anymore,
when the past is never real anymore.

in this longing for light,
voyage on diversified synapses that fight
through paralysis
I got a answer for everything in these traps I set myself,
when the possible directions I could choose
are infinitely less restricted than I thought before

old friend...


natural law, is stronger than anything we could devise
factual no more can’t cover up, cannot disguise,
shallow surface package sold right back to me,
in the land of the free, in the land of the free
well who are we?

and Fidel say
and mirrors
decolonize your mind

late one friday night I was holding on to this belief
that there is still an antidote for all of this for everyone,
i seek intimacy, within myself, between my friends
this planet’s foreign policy
in the land of the free in the land of the free


natural law is stronger than anything we could devise
it’s not the GDP that gives life healthily,
decolonize your mind
you spout morality, existing statically,
natural law is stronger than anything we could devise
it’s not the GDP that makes me healthy, see,
decolonize your mind
redefine priority to find what’s really free,
give us intimacy, we’ll love radically in the land of the free


she says ‘this species doesn’t know itself,
it stamps around like an arrogant child,
tiny, lonely and rarely humble in our miniscule perspective,
swilling in a self assured perception,
much of which is flawed,
and most of which could be improved on,
amazingly we’re still hoping, amazingly we’re still hoping.

and underneath we’re writhing, as hopeless fights with dreaming, as pointless tackles vision, as focus dilutes screaming

the men are still all squabbling,
like hyenas on a carcass,
while science cries a blind spot, they still shit in every corner, drunk on definition, of stagnant lack of vision,
responsibility avoided,
justified by faulty reason, made up while on the playground
and lollypop rewarded like a tv cowboy coup,

and underneath.....

amazingly we’re still hoping
for various and sundry,
suprisingly still faithful, displayed collective longing
for peaceful and fulfillment, for practical and useful,
collective loving kindness, the paths and how to get there, existential beyond messianic
where everyone's a profit and ignorance is cured

and underneath....

alternate performances: live


in these times of packaged passions,
and in these times of walking dead,
feeble truths and shallow fashions,
I’m always in my head.

he came from out of nowhere
he came from out the blue
now my life has changed forever
I touch my lips to kiss you

mighty love

and what was truly amazing was feeling so out of control,
parts of me id never know float to the surface and I feel whole,
I could just breathe your breath and feel love for all the world, now how often does that shit really happen, how often to you really feel, mighty love.

in these times of disconnection
and in these times of exploited power,
you inspire my resurrection
now im rewired to fruit to flower

mighty love


I just made my daydream come true,
when i sequestered you,
and only the fishermen knew where we would be.
oh come, and lay by this fire where it’s warm,
let all of our faces take form so we might trust this time alone

you make me want to receive you because you’re bringing it right, detecting scent of sacred,
gonna represent with all my appetite,
so I’ll strip down, strip away,
we’re swimming with the turtles, in celery bay

vines, weave through the rocks timeless signs,
attachment will never make mine so I just give
it makes me full.
touch, the hairs on your skin oh is such
a delicacy, and when you enter me, its so perfectly.

you make me want to receive you, like only I can do,
Im finding strength in my softness
waiting there where I always knew it would be and you make me want to receive you because you’re bringing it right,
detecting scent of sacred,
gonna represent with all my appetite

spirited away to a mind a space
where life is not necessarily carbon based,
strip down strip away,
swimming with the turtles, in celery bay.


you by the ocean, me in Echo Park
whole city between us writhing in the dark,
i have comfort for you over here
I have comfort for you.

you are a Roman and I am from Greece,
Im wondering if this elastic discipline will ever cease,
this could be my demise, this could be yours
or we could combine our strengths
and mythologize our wars

cos I have peaceful for you over here.
I have peaceful for you.

oh so close baby will you make it,
will you come to me,
cos Im still waiting for this thing to get simple
and feel the length of your skin grazing me.

yeah well this road is feathered
and this road is tarred
first it was bricked and now it is barred.
but I have solace for you over here,
I have solace for you.


midnight air tumbles ocean thro my window
and from my bed im searching the stars,
quite aware through my stare I asked you in though
under sheets, slide your voice your guitars.

here I am, lying in bed with him but im thinking of you ,
here I am lying in bed lying to myself, im thinking of you

the planets are baring the secrets of us,
in each of my memories resides one more layer of dust
cos when I still choose to feel you my eyes cannot breathe
so few knew this freedom that in you and in me I receive

here I am...

so what did you say to yourself when you finally went home?
did you just walk through the door
and ask will you love me again?
love me again, love me again.

here I am



lay low, lay low.
keep your head above the water,
like the turtle taught you

sing high, sing high
way above the dogma,
that's where they haven’t gotcha.

in all directions heal infections....

hold your poise, balance will be here
what joy employs, yeah balance will be here
keep your stance cos justice will arrive.

grow back, grow back,
show them to your daughters
like the clear cuts taught you.

in all directions heal infections

hold your poise.....


frivolity, well it’s good to know,
beyond my brain, I got somewhere to go,
to the deserts to the trees,
let them take you a little higher,
take your clothes off when you can
and dance around the fire

simplify, take the day to ,
simplify, leave the fray to
simplify, pave the way to,
clear my mind.

pontificate, well you know that we do,
in the first world, where its a luxury to.
But when pretensions’ run amok
and there's circles in the crowd
when the privilege is forgot
I want to be elementally endowed.

...dissolving the mundane,
to find exceptional.
lucidity sustained....(comin on now)
clear my mind.